KNX UK President Iain Gordon recently sat on the 2016 Smart Advisory Board, part of the Smart Buildings show.

Tuesday the 10th of May saw the convening of the 2016 Smart Advisory Board at Siemens’s The Crystal in Docklands London.

The delegates were a mixed and varied group, with installers, company owners, technology experts, association representatives and legislative advisors.

The goal of the panel was to influence how the Smart home show held at UK Construction week would take shape. Is SMART the correct term when the word is used on everything from domestic appliances to virtual reality devices? Defining SMART homes is very complex and has a different meaning to different people.

The in-depth conversation and the alternative viewpoints made for a very interesting session with many thoughts progressing ahead of the autumn show. 

Highlights for myself included the apparent consensus that smart homes are the future of housing. This, however, does not restrict the smart term to just electronics or devices. The building envelope should be smart too and the ability of buildings to change use, simply and cost effectively, as requirements change over time are essential to monopolise on modern buildings.

The awareness of old building stock and its lack of smarts is another area for development entirely, but this area is being met by innovative landlords and developers alike.

An altogether worthwhile get together and one which I am sure will positively impact the show in October.


YouTube video from the SMART Advisory Panel can be viewed below: