Wednesday 16th March 2016 saw the gathering of KNX UK professionals at the main KNX area at Frankfurt's 2016 Light and Building fare.

Over a dozen members were present to witness the new development phase for ETS, the software platform used to manipulate KNX products and systems.

New for 2016 are KNX secure, KNX inside and KNXIoT

KNX secure will address security concerns, forming a fully isolated environment to ensure the KNX installations are fully closed to external hacking. Products are being readied for shipment which will enable this feature, primarily between the KNX world and the IP world. Fully secure encoding breaks the path between KNX and IP in a way that can't be hacked by even by the most enthusiastic and motivated paid to speak black hatter.

KNX inside will provide the ability to install the ETS project file on a permanent basis on a computer running most operating systems within the installation. A low cost ETS licence will then enable the building owner to be able to influence, change and adapt their installation without a KNX partner being involved. First impressions about the potential devaluation of our market are easily batted away, a bit like England's cricket, when the understanding about reducing cost and increasing market desire and availability are taken into account. From my side, it will not effect how we operate, merely make KNX more affordable to more people increasing our potential to sell more systems. This will be co-ordinated with the release of ETS5.5 making all of this possible. Coming OCT16

KNX IoT (Internet of things) has finally evolved into practical products with interfacing to various proprietary protocols, such as NEST and HIVE. This opens up the possibility to expand on a clients initial dalliances with automation products into full systems using KNX to achieve that goal.

Post the fanfare of the ETS news, the dancing of many a cheerleader and a tug of war game, we convened as a group with one of Germany's leading KNX integrators and an originator of KNX professionals Germany. Marco Koyne recounted their success's and discussed how their events are both run and scheduled. Currently they have over 120 members who meet 4 times annually for a two day event on a Friday and Saturday where a full program of events awaits. Changing cities and organisers every time to ensure coverage and variety are maintained, they have programs full of technical expertise, product evaluation, idea sharing and practical help. As we march into our 2nd year of KNX UK Professionals we hope to bring you something similar although what , where and how has yet to be discussed. With that in mind, it may be time to convene a meeting of KNX UK Professionals to discuss the ideas and feedback to the KNX UK Board via myself as the Professionals representative. An idea which we will bring to you on the 7th April at our monthly get together.

Thank you to KNX for hosting us and thank you to all those who turned up. I would also like to thank the ladies from KNX today who helped make up the numbers!

Iain Gordon - KNX UK President