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KNX UK AGM & Awards 2019

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Bespoke designers of AV entertainment, technology and communication systems, The Harris Grant Group of Companies, has recently designed and installed a highly configurable KNX-based access, environmental control and entertainment system for the residents of Five and Six Connaught Place, London. This high-end install is the result of a three-year project, which saw the merging of numbers Five and Six Connaught Place into a development of five lateral and two duplex apartments with an eventual value of the order of £100 million. pdfDownload Case Study PDF


 Neil, Managing Director at The Harris Grant Group of Companies comments: “The system’s resilience and  flexibility makes it an ideal match for the diverse and highly personal needs of every Connaught Place      resident. Using a KNX system makes personalisation easy. For example, if a client needs to reassign a  switch  to control drapes instead of lighting, it can be easily configured and doesn’t mean costly and disruptive  rewiring.” In addition to the comprehensive building management set up, the apartments offer complete audio  and video installations with local audio and video servers in each, as well support for AirPlay, Apple TV,  streaming and Internet Radio services in all rooms. This creates the ultimate technology pad suitable for any audio needs and preferences through the home.


KNX is a simple system for intelligent electrical installation networking. A KNX bus cable combines devices and systems and new functions can be easily added in the future as the needs of occupants change and extra functionality is required.


KNX products are used to build intelligent integrated building control solutions for residential and commercial applications.  As a result, owners, residents, or managers of these properties have control over the everyday working or living environment.  This can cover all building services such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and metering as well as the operation of blinds, electrical appliances, windows, facades, AV/sound systems and many other functions.



 Five and Six Connaught Place demonstrates luxury living in the ultimate prime location. It combines the  delicate architecture of a grade II listed building with the seamlessly designed automation system that  enhances the living experience for residents along with the energy saving benefits of environment control.