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KNX UK AGM & Awards 2019

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KNX for Assisted living - giving support to both older members of our community and others with impairments or needing assistance with everyday living.

KNX intelligent technology has been employed in assisted living environments for many years. It can help to provide exactly the type of support needed in everyday life. It is ideal for the elderly living at home as well as for applications within properties such as residential care homes, nursing homes, colleges, local authority accommodation, social housing and many other types of residence.

Easy To Use, Easy To manage

In the assisted living environment, KNX is the basis for integrating all home automation applications and bringing applications technology in one easy to use and easy to manage system: 

  • Heating - automatically optimised heating control according to the inhabitant’s needs
  • Ventilation – reacting to the presence of people in their room and operating windows automatically according to their requirements
  • Lighting – complete automatic control of lighting day and night in private and public areas
  • Security – reporting the opening of doors/windows or movement of people from beds and chairs
  • Blinds & Shutters – providing automatic control subject to time of day and brightness, wind and inclement weather
  • Audio – remote control of sound and intercom systems from anywhere within a property
  • Emergencies – switching on lighting of entire property – implementing emergency mode – and the ability to use mobile alarms
  • Emergencies – Central Control – Presentation and operation of all systems via central control centre, internet, tablet and smart phone
  • Integration – Easy integration with security, alarm & door entry systems as well as BEMS


The beauty of KNX is its ability to adapt to changing circumstances. As a person’s health changes - and more or less assistance may be needed - the flexibility of KNX is there to help. Extra functionality can be added or existing KNX systems modified easily without having to go back to square one and redesign/reinstall a new system. Assisted living functions within individual rooms or complete properties may also need to be changed as new people take up residence. With KNX the system can be easily expanded and adapted. As a future proofed technology, whereby all KNX certified products are fully interoperable, new functionality can easily be added.

Invest in the future

Over 370 manufacturers with 1000’s of products, offer a variety of KNX-certified and compatible products according to latest technical standards, giving you full freedom of choice. In the UK, there are over 600 trained KNX installers, working for many different companies. This gives you a very wide choice when it comes to installation.

For more information on KNX for Assisted Living, download brochure : KNX_for_Assisted_Living.pdf