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The Tower, One St George’s Wharf is a high end residential developmentf eaturing 212 luxury apartments, ranging from one bedroom to top level penthouses boasting 360 degree views right across London and the river Thames. Set in one of London’s most vibrant up and coming areas and just a short distance from the centre of the city. Some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks can be seen, including the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

Standing at a mighty 594ft, The Tower is one of Europe’s tallest and most prestigious residential developments. Each apartment will feature its own completely integrated system which will allow the client to control all aspects of their environment, from automated windows and blinds to multi-room AV distribution, all at the touch of a button.

Lighting control
Within each apartment we were required to control all of the lighting circuits, including functional and decorative lighting. These included downlights, wall lights, undercupboard lighting and LED strip lights.

The lighting circuits were either switched or dimmed via the KNX system depending on the control requirements of the room. Different scenes could be selected via either the KNX push buttons or any touchscreen provided. 

The occupier was able to set the scene, by incorporating different light levels dependent on the mood. Blind control could also be incorporated with this. At the push of a button the lights could be dimmed to a low level and the blinds could be closed, ready for an evening in. 

Windows/Blind control
Each window bay was supplied with a 230v venetian blind, with the KNX system controlling the blinds using a blind actuator or controller. The 4 core cables were wired back to the AV cupboard allowing the user to control the blinds via the central Opus touch screen or locally via a push button. The blinds could also be time scheduled when desired. 

The window control was approached in a similar way as the blinds, also connected to an actuator and controlled locally via the push button or through any touch screen.

AV distribution
All apartments were to boast a fully integrated multi-room audio visual solution with distributed HD TV. This would give the occupant the ultimate experience in high end home entertainment.

Working closely with Opus we came up with a soluton to meet the developers needs. Each room within the apartment would act as a zone,  with an amplifier above the ceiling to control audio distribution. In ceiling speakers were to be installed allowing high end quality sound throughout. 

In the AV cupboard an Opus master control unit would control these zones, switching the output using the touch screens or again from an ipad/iphone.To allow all of this to happen a KNX IP interface was developed inside the master unit. 

Heating and cooling
Following the predefined heating and cooling zones, we were able to control each area independently by providing heating or cooling at the touch of a button. The system was able to switch between the heating modes via the trench heating and should high temperatures be requested, then air conditioning fans would boost the temperature. 

Touch screens in each zone display current temperature which can be altered on the screen or if desired a default temperature can be set. Sensors within the “wet” areas feed actual temperatures back to the KNX panel allowing requested temperatures to stabilize constantly. 

It is also possible to use timed funtionality to control the apartment’s heating and with the use of holiday mode we are able to ensure that the apartment is at the perfect temperature on return, provided the remote deactivation has been carried out.

User control
Each apartment has a master touch screen located within the AV cupboard. This screen is capable of the following:

• Master time schedules
• Scene set control (user adjustable)
• Heating and cooling PID control
• Logic functions
• Setpoint control
• Global commands
• Webserver/ iPod interface
• Common alarm functions
• Remote IP systems access
• Holiday mode

An iPad was provided with all apartments which gave the user the freedom to move anywhere within their home whilst always having control of the space they were using.

The overall goal for Schneider Electric was to deliver a complete turn key solution for the end client enabling them to control all aspects of their living environment effortlessly, using state of the art technology. 

During the course of the project the team custom built over 500 panels, used over 3100 MCB and RCBO’s, and over 2200 dimmers. Over 200 audio visual racks were also built and comissioned.

This project was accomplished by a team of 35 members of Schneider Electric employees,consisting of engineers, project managers, and administrators.