Phil Atkins


KNX UK Integrator Board Member Candidate 2023

Read on below, to find out more about Phil Atkins and why you should vote for him.

Tell us about your experience of KNX.
I have been working with KNX for around 5 years now. In my previous life as an electrician I was involved with KNX systems from a purely electrical side, and would often be terminating KNX panels. This massively aided my transition in to the design and commissioning side of KNX projects and enabled me to see things from a control perspective and an electrical perspective. I have worked on many KNX projects over the past 5 years, ranging from small lighting control solutions, to large luxury properties including lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, shading, and UI creation. At IndigoZest we build most of our systems with Control4 as the front end solution, and being one of the largest Control4 dealers within the UK has helped drive awareness of KNX with end users as well as M&E consultants, interior designers, architects, lighting designers etc and why they should integrate these systems together.

Describe the skills you will bring to the role.
Having been involved on both the mechanical/electrical side of KNX, and the design and commissioning side, I am able to understand the considerations required on both sides for reliable KNX systems and I am able to communicate these to site trades, as well as specifiers, interior designers, M&E consultants, lighting designers. I will often assist our KNX programmers and provide in house training, and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion for KNX. I have also built good relationships within the AV industry and enjoy promoting the benefits of integrating a KNX system with an AV system. I enjoy working and communicating with various site trades and M&E consultants to design intelligent and seamless KNX solutions, and I feel I can educate the wider market to see the many benefits of using KNX.

How you would like to contribute to the continuing development of the Association?
I will utilise our standing within the AV industry, and especially Control4, to help promote the benefits of using KNX, and also the many benefits of joining the KNX Association. I will also be visible via trade shows, CPD’s, and open days at our showrooms. I’ll also bring my electrical and current knowledge to help develop the Association.

Why should members vote for you?
Due to our visibility and reach within the industry I will be able to educate integrators as to why they should join the association. I will also have the ability to discuss the benefits of the KNX Association to professionals who were potentially hesitant in the past.

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