Mike Farquhar


KNX UK Integrator Board Member Candidate 2023

Read on below, to find out more about Mike Farquhar and why you should vote for him.

Tell us about your experience of KNX.
I took my KNX basic training to become a certified partner in 2015. Since then I have delivered many KNX projects for a variety of clients, mainly in the residential sector, with some commercial applications also. We have used KNX on many projects for control over lighting, heating, cooling, blinds and automated windows.

I believe KNX is the most powerful automation platform for building services with significant advantages over proprietary systems and is often significantly better value for money. I have built up strong relationships, not just with KNX distributors in the UK, but with manufacturers as well.

Describe the skills you will bring to the role.
Prior to working in this industry, I worked in a number of roles in a variety of sectors from manufacturing, financial services to media organisations. My original background is in engineering and then I moved into finance and operational jobs. In all the various roles I have undertaken, one of my key skills has been to listen to and take all stakeholders opinions into account. I believe it is important to challenge the status quo to ensure an organisation is focussed on the most appropriate goals and opportunities.

Over the past seven years, I am very proud that my company has won a customer service award every year on Houzz. We now have over 50 independent 5 star reviews from our customers.

How you would like to contribute to the continuing development of the Association?
If I am appointed to the Board, my focus would be on end customers and the benefits of KNX to them. I believe that a KNX platform, delivered properly, provides real value to the end customer. For residential customers particularly, KNX enhances their lifestyle but also provides significant other benefits such as energy efficiency.

Why should members vote for you?
I have a passionate belief that technology can contribute positively to people’s lifestyles. I am extremely enthusiastic about KNX and believe there are huge opportunities for growing the market in the UK. To do this we need to raise awareness and knowledge of KNX amongst architects, M&E engineers and homeowners.

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