Andy Baker

Baker Stone Systems

KNX UK Integrator Board Member Candidate 2023

Read on below, to find out more about Andy Baker and why you should vote for him.

Tell us about your experience of KNX.
As a company Baker Stone has an ever growing involvement with KNX projects and it is now our first choice for new projects, where appropriate, and we are regularly increasing the number of projects centred on KNX.
Although we still feel that we are relatively newcomers to KNX as a company we have now completed a number of ‘whole home’ KNX projects and we continue to embrace all that KNX has to offer our clients.

Everyone at Baker Stone is a KNX Partner in their own right which we trust demonstrates our commitment to KNX.

Describe the skills you will bring to the role.

As someone who is rapidly approaching 50 years of experience in this or very closely related industries I feel that I have a level of experience as a systems integrator, association member and volunteer that I can bring to the table.

I am currently a Certification Commissioner for CEDIA focussing on creating globally recognised certifications for those entering and progressing within this great industry. These certifications will set the ‘standard’ moving forwards.

Having, in the past, also been Chair of CEDIA UK and a Director of CEDIA Globally I also have knowledge and experience of Association Leadership and of growing a Trade Association in order to better serve its membership.

How you would like to contribute to the continuing development of the Association?
Whilst I am very new to KNX UK I trust that my past experience of Trade Associations, coupled with my previous experience of projects large and small, residential and commercial will mean that I have a useful contribution to make.

If elected I would be especially interested in finding ways to expand the membership of KNX UK while also developing the knowledge and understanding of KNX within the building industry – especially among design professionals and consulting engineers.

Why should members vote for you?

Simply because I always try to make a difference when I get involved in something.

If I didn’t think that I have a contribution to make I wouldn’t be standing for election to the board of KNX UK.

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