2022 KNX UK Awards Product Finalist – Jung Smart Panel 8

How does this Product demonstrate the diversity of KNX?

The JUNG KNX touch display Smart Panel 8 is the solution for visualising your KNX system – without an additional server. Centrally on the wall and de-centrally with a tablet or smartphone in the local network: the JUNG Smart Panel 8 provides comprehensive possibilities for intuitively controlling your KNX system. Including but not limited to, lighting, heating, blinds, irrigation etc.

How does this Product demonstrate a synergistic approach to building control?

Equipped with modern technology, the Smart Panel 8 is the central control unit of the whole KNX system. It is always economical in energy use without compromising on performance. regular updates guarantee security and performance. The Smart Panel 8 is a standalone device with app that doesn’t require a server. The Smart Panel 8 is also suitable for commercial spaces. The automated air conditioning in the meeting room, the perfect lighting mood at the bar, the ideal combination of light and shade in the office: with appropriately set up elements, logic and schedules, the Smart Panel 8 also makes particular convenience possible in the world of work. The individual room view can be switched off in the JUNG smart vision user interface.

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers? 
The functions of the Smart Panel 8 have been tailored to building visualisation. From intuitive lighting control via temperature control, shading, music to operating scenes and schedules. You can visualise and control everything installed in your KNX system with the Smart Panel 8. The Smart Panel 8 can be installed either Vertically or Horizontally. The clear interface of the Smart Vision makes it particularly easy for you with large icons and clear arrangement. The app is optimised for your mobile device and supports vertical orientation in portrait format. Up to ten app users can be stored for WLAN access to the Smart Panel 8.

What functionality is realised by this KNX Product? 

Full visualisation of the TP (twisted pair) network. In the navigation bar you have quick access to the room view, settings, favourites or the last event registered. A proximity sensor and a brightness sensor detect if you are standing in front of the panel and adjust the display brightness and ambient light accordingly, effectively reducing power consumption. Important events are displayed as pop-up messages. If needed, an acoustic signal can also sound. Pop-up-messages are displayed on the panel and the smartphone. Easy and uncomplicated: schedules run functions such as switching on lights or lowering shutters at specific times. Up to 125 elements with a maximum of ten commands each can be stored in the Smart Panel 8 simulating occupancy whilst the property is vacant to create a true holiday mode.

What makes this product award worthy?

The Smart Panel 8 is an easily programmable device, that is intuitive and simple to use for both the integrator and the client. The display of Smart Vision is absolutely clear thanks to the large symbols and text. It has a choice of both light and dark layout complimenting the interior of any room in which it is installed, you can alter the layout at any time.