Grovelands, a very large luxury self build house which took five years to complete,  saw KNX UK Association systems integrator member E-Life push the boundaries of smart home technology.  As well as a large array of control and home entertainment products for the property, E-Life used KNX intelligent building control technology for the heating, air-conditioning, lighting, curtains and blinds as well as other aspects of the living environment to provide a fully integrated solution. pdfDownload Case Study PDF

Rick Stein's Prospect House in Padstow is a stylish hotel development that combines seaside luxury with cutting-edge building intelligence.  KNX technology has been effectively deployed to enhance the tranquillity and homeliness of the property with features of the system including window and blind control, wet under-floor heating control and electrical tile warming in the bathrooms.  pdfDownload Case Study PDF

The Old Courthouse in Douglas has always been a landmark building on the Isle of Man but after the new Courts of Justice were built, it was unoccupied for a decade.  In 2008, new building owners decided that they wanted to both restore the courthouse and set a new standard for office accommodation on the island. pdfDownload Case Study PDF