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By Heinz Lux, CEO, KNX Association


KNX Association statement about the security 'leak' in a Shenzhen KNX hotel installation and about KNX security in general


KNX UK has introduced its new KNX Consultants Guide. Much more in depth than the first edition, it is designed for building services consultants and specifiers working within the electrical and mechanical industry, actively involved with the design of intelligent sustainable low energy buildings.  

The KNX UK Association's new brochure, Discover the Benefits of KNX, details all the advantages of joining the thriving KNX UK Association.  Many KNX systems integrators, manufacturers, wholesalers and other parties are already represented by KNX UK and the Association is looking to further increase its membership over the coming months.

The room automation series gesis FLEX from Wieland Electric, based on the KNX system, is compact, modular and 100% pluggable.

“The use of Light Balancing solutions to help achieve optimum comfort for building occupiers and to optimise energy savings for lighting has been pioneered by Somfy and Philips. Somfy has unrivalled experience in solar shading automation and façade management controls whilst Philips’ lighting solutions create productive and attractive work spaces at the lowest possible energy usage.